I spent most of my life in an area of Southwest Connecticut that is known, worldwide, for two things:

  1. Being the home of the Wiffle Ball factory
  2. Having the best pizza you can find on Earth

Now I seriously love me some pizza. If I am in a new place on Earth, I must get me some pizza. New York Slice, Chicago Deep Dish, Sicilian... It's all good everywhere.

But I've eaten at well over 200 pizza places in my lifetime and there is one place that's better than anywhere else in the world. It is called Zani's Pizza and it's located in Ansonia Connecticut.

Zani's Pizza is a greek pizza place that is consistently excellent, with a flavor that is unrivaled the world over. To this day, if I am driving through Connecticut for any reason, I will go out of my way to eat there.

Every pizza is delicious. Their plain cheese is perfect, and must be laced with cocaine, because you'd think that the plain vanilla type of pizza would be the weakest but you would be incredibly mistaken and even the crust is deliciously baked. It's a 10 / 10. And it only goes up from there:

Pepperoni? Fantastic

Bacon? Unbelievable

Their take on a white clam pizza? Excellent

I imagine the owner finding a magic lamp and having his first wish to be the ability to create perfect pizzas everytime. Because no one else comes close.

If you are ever in Connecticut for any reason, make sure to visit Zani's. I have brought friends from out of town to eat there and it has ruined them because they will never be able to eat pizza like that conveniently ever again. So go there, eat there, and know what the angels are eating in heaven.

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