I have previously written about how the best pizza in the world is Zani's Pizza.

Well, unfortunately I live in the Boston-area and that perfection is never coming here so we must make due with merely EXCELLENT pizza. So if you find your self in or near Boston, and need some quality pizza, look no further than...

#1. Za in Cambridge

Za is fantasticly simple pizza, cooked just right, with a nice crispy crust, a sweet sauce, and the right balance of cheese. Their specialty pizzas are good, but there is one pizza that has an unbelieveable flavor:

The Bread and Butter Jalapeno Pizza. Yes, it sounds strange. Yes, it sounds hot. But it defies the odds and works so well that I am still mystified. Try it and you will not regret it.

#2. The Fowler House Cafe in Quincy

This place has your typical pub food. Absolutely fine, no frills, with menu options that look like they could be copy/pasted from anywhere in the US. But hidden in that menu are these absolute gems of pizza. Every pizza is great, but the standout is their Buffalo Chicken Pizza with bleu cheese dipping sauce. I normally am not a fan of these two together, but like the jalapeno pizza at Za, somehow the combo makes everything better. Highly recommended.

#3. Eat at Jumbo's in Somerville

I will warn you that Eat at Jumbo's is not the most consistent place. Sometimes the pizzas are cooked perfect, and sometimes they are undercooked. It's weird, but if you get a good one, oh man, it will be so good. They have two pizzas that are a cut above the rest: the Buff it Up buffalo chicken pizza is amazing, as is the White Out white pizza.

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